40kw Chiller

35KW Chiller

Celsius Hire 35KW CHILLER is a compact, small footprint unit, selected due to its flexibility and handling across a variety of applications.

The chillers benefit from an integral circulation pump and a packaged evaporator immersed in a high volume buffer tank, enabling steady water/glycol temperatures as a result of increased volume. With a large temperature range of -15°C to +25°C, and Eurovent compliant design enabling great efficiencies even in high ambient temperatures, the Celsius Hire 35KW chiller is a safe bet, no matter the application.

The 35KW chiller can connected directly onto the clients water/glycol circuit or be coupled with Celsius Hire’s large range of fleet and ancillaries to be provide air conditioned and low temperature environments.

35KW Chiller Specification

Cooling Capacity


Temperature Range (Fluid Leaving)

-15°C – +20°C


1860mm x 780mm x 1635mm

Weight (DRY)


Design Fluid Flow

2.0 L/S

Internal Pump (Y/N)


Electrical Supply Voltage


Max Running Current

30A (per phase)

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