900kw chiller for hire

900KW Chiller

Celsius Hire’s 900KW CHILLER is an eco-design compliant model offering a large temperature range thanks to a refrigerant circuit composed of R410A and 8 no. scroll compressors. This allows capacity control for smaller and variable heat loads. The model has a compact footprint, but with its efficient design is able to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 45°C.

The unit is complete with a shell and tube evaporator, flow switch and associated safety switches. This, coupled with Celsius Hire’s full supporting range of pump sets, buffer tanks, cables and hoses allows installation on a wide range of applications, from process cooling to HVAC systems.

900KW Chiller Specification

Cooling Capacity


Temperature Range (Fluid Leaving)

-10°C – +20°C


5952mm x 2302mm x 2495mm

Weight (DRY)


Design Fluid Flow


Electrical Supply Voltage


Max Running Current

652A (per phase)

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