Rental Chiller for NHS Hospital Ward

300KW Rental Chiller for Critical Ward at NHS Hospital

The Challenge

Our client, a well-known mechanical contractor, contacted us with a temporary chiller requirement for a large NHS Hospital in London. They were replacing the chillers that served many critical wards including maternity, and needed to maintain supply of chilled water services during their replacement program, which spanned for over 8 weeks.

These chillers were beyond repair and needed to be crane lifted off the roof and replaced with new. Also, the existing circulation pumps that served multiple Air Handling Units for the wards needed to replaced, so we were asked to provide circulation with our solution.

Another one of the challenges was that the rental chillers had to be located over 80m away at ground level, over 4 storeys below.

The Solution

Celsius Hire specified one of our 300KW Air Cooled Rental Chillers to provide the cooling to be located at ground level next to the dry riser connections. Alongside our chiller was a PUMP 27-3.5, and this was sized to overcome the additional pressure drop of our rental system plus the clients existing air handling unit system that feeds the hospital wards. This, complemented by a range of flexible hoses and ancillary fittings ensured the system was set up to replicate what was already installed, so that the wards did not notice a difference once onto the hire package.

1 x 300KW Chiller
1 x Pump 27-3.5

The Result

The equipment was delivered and the chiller offloaded into its position by a HIAB crane early in the morning so that disruption to the hospital operations was not caused. Our operatives connected all flexible hoses and pumps inline with the chiller before connecting onto the flexible connections inside the dry riser column, which rose up to the rooftop chiller plant room area.

The chiller was then pre-commissioned on a loop to ensure the system was operating correctly prior to the changeover, which was planned for a Saturday. This gave the client and the hospital peace of mind for what is a very critical system.  The changeover occurred over the weekend and was successful. The hire system was switched on and chillers on the roof were switched off, de-gassed and crane lifted down before being taken away.

Luis Santos, Director, commented;

“When you are working on a critical application such as providing cooling to Hospital Wards, it is important that the project is executed. Specifically for us as a rental company, we need to provide well maintained and tested equipment, deliver on time and provide a co-ordinated installation service. On this project we did so and the client was able to changeover onto our system as planned”


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