Heat Emulator

20KW Floor Standing Emulator

Multiple switch settings for closer control
Emulating IT hardware
Designed for data centres with no racking in place

The Celsius Hire 20KW FLOOR STANDING EMULATOR are designed to test the infrastructure of a data centre, in particular the power supplies and cooling system, before the installation of any IT hardware.

Our floor standing emulators are designed for data centres with no racking in place. Offering low Delta-T solutions for large Data Centres; each unit is capable of emulating racks with a load capacity anywhere between 1KW
- 20KW.

There are six sets of switches to control the load between; fan only, 50%, 75% and 100%. Each 20KW Emulator includes 3 x 32A Single Phase connections, but with our extensive catalogue of splitters and distribution boards, we can plug in to virtually any power connection.

20KW Floor Standing Emulator Specification

Heating Capacity 20KW (multiple settings)
Air Flow 1,500L/S
Temperature Differential (DeltaT) 16°C
Size 805mm x 405mm x 1320mm
Weight 65KG
Electrical Supply Voltage 230V
Max Running Current 96a

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