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"A Crucial Role in the Accelerated Growth of the Company"

For Celsius Hire our team has played a crucial role in the accelerated growth of the company. From our teams in sales, warehouse, engineers and office based we all work together to ensure a high end service no matter the application.

Meet the Celsius Hire team below or get in touch. 

Team Members

Jake - Director: Sales & Marketing


Director: Sales & Marketing

Lee - Celsius Director: Supply chain and Finance


Director: Supply Chain and Finance

Luis - Celsius Director: Warehouse Operations


Director: Warehouse Operations

Neil - Director: Service Operations


Director: Service Operations

Anthony - Celsius Northern Hire Manager


Northern Hire Manager

Sean - Senior Sales Engineer


Senior Sales Engineer



Sales Engineer

Jade - Celsius Hire Marketing


Marketing Manager

Kayleigh - Celsius Senior Credit Controller


Senior Credit Controller

Sam - Administration Assistant


Administration Assistant

Chris B - Celsius Engineering Technician

Chris B

Engineering Technician

Curtis - Celsius Engineering Technician


Engineering Technician

Marcus - Engineering Technician


Engineering Technician

Celsius Hire Engineer


Engineering Technician

Geoff - Celsius Warehouse Operative


Warehouse Supervisor

Chris W - - Celsius Warehouse Operative

Chris W

Warehouse Operative

Work with Us

We’re always on the hunt for new candidates to join our team. Why not drop us a line or submit your CV! Join a team who work together to provide a high end service with brilliant customer service, expert installs and a culture like no other

The Celsius Team

From Celsius Hire starting with just our four directors in 2021 we have grown hugely. With some of the industries most experienced professionals joining our team has accelerated and catapulted us to success. Now in 2023 we have grown to a team of brilliant individuals dedicated to working together and supporting our customers to the highest standards.

Team Q & A

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