Castle Requires Large Chiller Hire for Ice Rink Season

The Challenge

Our regular customer had us back for their festive ice rink season again this year. The ice rink and ice walk are set within the beautiful grounds of a world famous castle. The undercover (40m x 15m) ice rink, with the 150m ice walk needed some serious chilling.

We had several considerations for this large chiller hire – factors including;

  • Castle setting had low and narrow archways
  • Delivery vehicle; how close could it get to the install location?
  • Chillers meeting temperature to keep a large rink frozen
Chiller Hire

The Solution

After working with the teams on site and our engineers, we were able to carry out the delivery and install with ease. Extra planning and previous knowledge from the site allowed us to provide a seamless service.

We provided:

The 2 x 300KW chillers provided cooling to main mat inside temporary structure and the other 2 x 300KW chillers provided cooling to four ice paths that run around the castle grounds (over 200m in total length)! Due to the access restrictions we had the equipment delivered  as normal on a flatbed before transferring it to a trailer through archways. We then used a telehandler to position prior to install. It was a process which was carefully planned and thought through to ensure no issues would arise on the day.

The Result

After four days on site we had installed over 700m of hoses from a 2000L weir tank set up to the ice path system. We installed an individual pump per ice path to provide optimal flow and ensure correct freezing over all of the path. It was a busy few days but we successfully provided an exceptional cooling package. This is one to be proud of for team Celsius Hire!

Comment from Neil Payne:

This was a potentially a tricky install; with narrow archways and a busy site preparing for their festive wonderland opening. We knew we had to plan to even the most minor detail to ensure the install was carried out without fault. Luckily our teams and the team on site were spot on! The chiller were installed with no issues at all and the winter ice rink chiller hire was a huge success!


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