Large cooling hire package for the Scottish Highlands

The Challenge

When our customer in the Scottish Highlands called us for a second large cooling hire package, it was all hands on deck for team Celsius. Although it wasn’t an emergency hire due to breakdowns our customer needed a quick turn around solution. Accommodating for an unfortunate delay in the construction of their permanent cooling system.

The customer was located in a remote area and required a large cooling hire package; providing cooling to four large fish tanks housing salmon. Surveyed earlier in the week by our Northern Operations Manager, Anthony Jeffers – we arranged for a suitable cooling solution for the customer. This customer had already used us for a smaller temporary system, but when delays in construction of their fixed system occurred they knew our reliable service was what they needed.

Large cooling package

The Solution

After the site survey carried out by Anthony we began on delivering a suitable and reliable package for our customers requirements. For this site we needed to provide an additional generator package. This would enable us to supply enough power to run this large cooling system.

Cooling Hire Package

In addition to our hire equipment Celsius Hire offer a really high standard of service and maintenance throughout the hire period. With 24/7 callouts, breakdown cover and maintenance of equipment.

The Result

Utilising our newly opened Northern depot we were able to provide an expert hire solution with a quick turn around.

  • No downtime for customers systems
  • Quick turn around
  • Meeting duty requirements

Comment from Anthony Jeffers:

It was great working on this site, really lovely customer with a friendly team on site. With the added bonus of incredible Scottish Highlands as a backdrop of the site itself. We were on site for a few days installing and commissioning this large cooling hire and it really was a fun experience. The customer was left happy for a second time with the serivice and care provided by the team at Celsius Hire; and as always I was left proud of a well carried out install and service.


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