Process Cooling for a UK bakery

The Challenge

We were contacted by one of our trade customers for an emergency solution. A UK favourite in the bread production industry had a major breakdown. The chillers providing cooling to yeast vessels had failed and the production line immediately shut down. This was an urgent requirement that needed a reaction fast to get the production back up and running.

Chiller Hire

The Solution

We provided expert emergency temporary cooling to chilled water/glycol circuit on site, in order to get customer process back online.

Our team were able to quickly assess the site and start to put a solution in place, working alongside our trade customer. We always tailor our solution to fit the site requirements and to provide the right solution for the application.

Process Cooling Hire Equipment

Our temporary process cooling hire equipment landed next to existing chiller system by HIAB. Our hoses ran in and system filled with additional glycol mix on site. On site electricians connected power supply before our engineer commissioned temporary chiller.

Meet the 125KW chiller

Celsius Hire 125KW chiller is a compact, small footprint unit, often selected due to its flexibility and handling across a variety of applications.

The chillers benefit from an integral circulation pump and a packaged evaporator immersed in a high volume buffer tank, enabling steady water/glycol temperatures as a result of increased volume.

With a large temperature range of -15°C to +25°C, and Eurovent compliant design enabling great efficiencies even in high ambient temperatures, the Celsius Hire 125KW chiller is a safe bet, no matter the application.

The Result

Call received 3PM one afternoon; equipment delivered 9AM the following morning and commissioned by lunchtime – under 24hr turnaround for the client. One happy very customer, process glycol mix down to temperature to allow yeast cooling to resume and manufacturing process to continue. The equipment has remained on site whist their chiller systems are being replaced.

Comment from Sales Engineer Josh

” It was great working with a valued trade customer to support many clients in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Just another example of how this partnership has benefitted our customers when they need us the most. A quick turnaround allowing production to continue without delay. ”

More about our process cooling hire offering

At Celsius Hire, we specialise in delivering bespoke hire packages designed to meet the unique demands of the food and beverage industry. From ensuring hygienic water cooling and heating to providing low-temperature food storage, our hire range can save down time during breakdowns or support during peak demand.

Hygiene First: We understand the critical importance of maintaining hygiene in food processing. Aligning with industry standards, to guarantee that our equipment upholds the highest hygiene levels, safeguarding your operations.

Versatility in Temperature Control: Our extensive range of Air Handling Units and Fan Coils that cover a broad temperature spectrum. Whether it’s standard comfort cooling or freezer room stores, our solutions are designed to handle emergency and pre-planned requirements efficiently.

End-to-End Service Excellence: From delivery and installation to ongoing maintenance, we provide a seamless experience for our clients. Focus on your core business activities while we take care of your process cooling needs, ensuring a hassle-free and reliable service.



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