Product Focus: Expert Generator Hire

When our customers come to us looking for a chiller hire (or boiler rental solution), there may be other equipment required. Often this requirement is power. At Celsius Hire we have an incredible network of suppliers who assist us; and uphold our strong ethos of providing a second to none service. A high quality solution for our customers is always our priority, so when choosing our suppliers for any additional equipment we knew it had to be matched.

Our friends and generator experts at Templant supply our generator packages. Meeting our high quality standards and work extensively to fit into our cooling packages seamlessly.

Why would a customer need a rental generator solution?

The requirement for a generator with your chiller hire package may be more common than you think. Chiller packages may require more power than available on site; especially in cases where a hire chiller is running alongside existing chiller systems. We can assess this requirement during site survey to find the best option to suit the specific site.

How does Celsius Hire generator rental work?

Once our team have carried out the site survey we can tailor which generator package will best suit your business hire requirements. Leave the rest to us! We offer a complete turn key service – organising supplier partners for your generator hire, fuel requirements and installation. Our teams will set everything up from delivery to connection, so you have peace of mind and assurance that the solution is sufficient for your requirements.

Industries who often require generator hire:

Celsius Hire support absolutely any and all industries when it comes to temporary cooling and heating rental equipment. However, we do see trends in sectors that require certain solutions. Often our chiller packages include generator hire especially in the following industries:

  • Data centres and server rooms
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • HVAC and building services

Case Study 1: Process Cooling Hire

When the cold weather struck, countless sites had issues with water systems freezing and causing frost damage to coils and pipework. One of these unfortunate sites was an existing and returning customer; a large car manufacturing plant in the Midlands. Their ‘Weld-line’ cooling system had problems in the past and contingency hire plans had been put in place. The team at Celsius Hire were called in to help them get back up and running.

Upon attendance to the site survey, it was clear that the client needed a solution, fast. All of their coils on their cooling system had frost damage, and their weld line was currently not operating as the chilled water was required at all times to keep the machines inside the factory cool.

Power supply to run our chiller hire system as well as the ongoing power at the facility wasn’t sufficient. To avoid any further delays in restoring the customers system we provided a generator solution; powering all the hire equipment without interrupting the existing system.

When we attend a site for an emergency breakdown – time really is of the essence. Meaning our team, our additional suppliers and our transport provider worked in line with each other to ensure a quick turn around and installation.

Case Study 2: Cold Store Chiller Hire

When we were called to support an aging chiller system at a diary cold store. We were met with a potentially complex requirement. All three warehouses needed to be maintained at between 2-5°C; with similar cooling load requirements in each. With up to £5m in stock in each warehouse at any given time, the warehouse temperature range was non-negotiable.

During the site survey, locations were established outside each warehouse for the temporary chiller, fuel tank and pump to be located. It was also established that there was not sufficient power available for the large scale temporary systems. Therefore, we needed to specify and provide a suitable generator package to ensure the chiller systems would run without disruption.

Generator Hire

“Working with experienced, knowledgeable and reliable suppliers enables us to provide our customers a high standard of hire. It’s always been a pleasure working alongside Templant for our generator requirements; providing a seamless hire solution for our customers.”


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