Data Centre Heat Load Testing Hire Package

The Challenge

Our client required testing of their mechanical cooling plant under full load prior to taking on new clients and additional servers.

This is a critical site – where the data centre was live. However only partially occupied, so a test on the cooling system needed to be undertaken before adding new servers to the room. Although only partially live, we had to be very careful as to not disrupt existing operations.

The Solution

This site required quite a big technical set up with lots of planning and a really careful approach due to the critical nature of the neighbouring live data servers.

Equipment used:

66 x 3.5KW Rack Mounted Emulators
12 x 18KW Fan Heaters
2 x 100KVA Generators
2 x 1000L Fuel Tanks
1 x Associated Cabling and Distribution

We had tight access in a city centre location, which is fairly rare for a data centre. Generators had to be skated down alleyway and externally located. Data centre was located in basement of the building so all heat load equipment manually carried down to this level.

Emulators were placed with care next to existing servers by our on site team. Working incredibly closely with our client to ensure correct install and commissioning was carried out without disrupting the live part of the data centre.

Our Rack Mounted Emulators:

The Celsius Hire 3.5KW RACK MOUNTED EMULATOR are designed to test the infrastructure of a data centre, in particular the power supplies and cooling system, before the installation of any IT hardware.

Our rack mounted emulators can be installed at the front of an IT rack (3U high and width to fit EIA 310C 19” racks) and connected to the customers power strip(s). This ensures the power supply is fully load tested down to the power strip outlet. The heaters have 3 heat settings, allowing closer control and phasing in of the heat load.

The Result

Heat load test successfully undertaken over the weekend. We had an engineer in place on standby ready to attend any issues if they arose. Everything went smoothly and one happy client.

“It was great to work with a valued client on what we will all admit was a tricky site. Logistics, power, and the fact it was a live data center were all issues that together we overcame. In the end the project was successful and we look forward to working with this client on many more heat load test hires in the future.” – Jake Revell, Director


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