1,200KW Boiler

1200KW Boiler

Containerised for security and protection from the elements
Dual-fuel functionality - Swap between oil and gas midway through the hire
Flexible connections for swift turnaround

Celsius Hire’s 1,200KW boiler is a dual-fuel plant room enclosed within a 20ft container enabling external siting. Complete with an internal pump set, pressurisation unit, 500L expansion vessel and associated safety valves and switches, the unit can be used for a number of applications and scenarios.

Complete with Celsius Hire’s full supporting ancillary range of fuel tanks, gas pipework, DHW heat exchangers/cylinders, flexible water hoses and cables, the hire system can be anything from replacing a failed boiler on a district heating system, to taking over the whole operation of a plant room during replacement works on the existing system.

1200KW Boiler Specification

Heating Capacity 1,200KW
Temperature Range 50°C – 90°C
Size 6096mm x 2439mm x 2621mm
Weight (Dry) 6,000KG
Design Fluid Flow 20L/S
Max Running Current 26A (per phase)
Electrical Supply Voltage 410V

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