300 KW Gas Boiler for Hire

300KW Boiler - Gas

Celsius Hire’s 300KW BOILER – GAS is a condensing gas boiler contained within one of the smallest footprint frames on the market. Complete with two boilers and burners, and an internal plate heat exchanger, pump set, associated safety valves and switches, the unit can be used for a number of applications and scenarios.

Complete with Celsius Hire’s full supporting ancillary range of fuel tanks, gas pipework, DHW heat exchangers/cylinder’s, flexible water hoses and cables, the hire system can be anything from replacing a failed boiler system, to taking over the whole operation of a plant room during replacement works on the existing system.

300KW Boiler - Gas

Heating Capacity


Temperature Range

50°C – 90°C


2200mm x 800mm x 1800mm



Design Fluid Flow


Electrical Supply Voltage


Max Running Current


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